Good Stock GalleryWelcome to the Good Stock Gallery!

Since 2009, Good Stock has been entertaining and enlightening residents of and visitors to Sheboygan with music and fellowship.  On the next few pages we bring back to life the images of those past events to show you the work that went into putting it all together.  We've appreciated everyones effort into bringing Good Stock to life each year, including everyone who comes to the event to enjoy the fun and fellowship and music...that's Good Stock!


2009 was the inagural year for Good Stock.  It was held on the grounds of Saint Paul's Church in Sheboygan Falls.  It was a bright sunny day, albeit a warm one, but was a great start to the festival.  These pictures show the amount of work needing to be done to set up the grounds, the stages, the tents, etc. before the big event.


Benches were lined up, waiting for the tent to be set up.

The tent is spread out.

Connecting the tent.

Everyone big and small pitched in!

The tent is up and staked in place.

The benches are brought in.

On the big day, vendors came in and set up to prepare for the anticipated crowds.


The Ticket Booth.

Food and drink.

Radio stations.

Families arrived, and there were quite a few things for kids to do!


Lots of kids with temporary tattoos!

A cat for a day.

A future Good Stock musician?

It was a pretty warm day indeed...

Hello, can you hear me?

Kids playing catch.

The highlight of the day was the music!  Click Here to go to the next segment...


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